Recycled*Love*Letters is all about giving an old picture frame or a piece of furniture new life. It's crazy to see what people call trash. I pay money for peoples garbage basically and breath new life into the piece. 

The items I buy from thrift stores, garage sales and craigslist get fixed up with paint, a nail and hammer if needed and some fabric if the piece calls for it.Ok, well it's a little more complicated than that but I like to keep it simple.

Recycled*Love*Letter frames 
I do custom work. Basically you tell me what size chalk board or dry erase board you want. 
Then you write little love letters on it for your family....and then your family gets to read your note and, in turn...the love is recycled over and over!

Each piece is a little different. I look for chunky, sturdy frames. The final result is a surprise but I do guarantee all my work so if you don't like the piece I make for you, no biggy - just tell me.

Prices are the same for Chalk Board and Dry Erase board
16x20 - $30
11x14 - $20
8x10 - $18
5x7 - $10
4x6 - $8

Contact me at smadahd@yahoo.com if you're interested or comment below.
I'll need to know who the chalk board or dry erase board is being made for and any detail that might help me with color choice. For example: 3 y.o girl. She likes dirt bikes and her favorite color is orange.
If it's a furniture piece - what you see in the picture is what you get. However I can also do custom work as well. If you have an old piece of furniture that you're thinking you're just going to give away because it doesn't fit in the room anymore - contact me and we'll converse about its mid-life crisis make over.

Item # is listed below picture
 Chalk Board 16"x20". ITEM R.L.L#1
SOLD (reference this item # if you want something similar)
These 2 frames are also 16x20 frames (projects I did for a customer).
Please ask for a distressed finish if you like this look.
If you want something similar just reference Item R.L.L. #1
 Dry Erase Board 5"x7" Brown/White Polka Dots ITEM R.L.L #2
 Shabby Chic Picture Frame 8"x10" ITEM R.L.L#3
 Picture Frame - SO COOL!- 11"x14" ITEM R.L.L #4
 Picture Frame 11"x14" Shabby Chic ITEM R.L.L #7
 Picture Frame/Dry Erase Board 8"x8" ITEM R.L.L #8
 Ready to be a Chalk Board 11"x14". Pick your color ITEM R.L.L. #9
 Ready to be a Dry Erase Board. Pick your Color/Fabric Choice. 11"x14" ITEM R.L.L #10
 Ready to be a Dry Erase board. 5"x7" Chunky Frame. Pick color/fabric. ITEM R.L.L #11
 AMAZING! Ready to be a Chalk Board. 10"x10" ITEM R.L.L #12
SOLD (reference this item # still if you want something similar to it)
 Shadow Box! Fabric lined/with pins. 8"x10" ITEM R.L.L #13
 Ready to be a Chalk Board/Dry Erase Board. 11"x14" Paint/Fabric ITEM #14

I have a ton of other frames. Just let me know what size you'd like and if I don't have it I'll get it.

Email me or comment on the ITEM # if you're interested.

Current furniture pieces FOR SALE:
 4 vintage red shabby chairs. $25 each or $90 for the set.

 MORE FURNITURE PIECES TO BE POSTED SOON....I have them, but I need to take the pictures.

This end table is perfect for storing all your collectibles - or my vote...your vacation treasures. Right now it houses some of our seaside finds. It would look amazing painted white - with a light tan/taupe or grey/blue accent on the inside and a black knob or glass knob. I was going to keep the piece myself and do all this work on it but no longer have the need for it since the basement is becoming a play room. If you would like the piece painted before you buy it I can do all this for you with a $50 down payment to hold the piece.
Here are the pictures.... I am asking $90 OBO for the piece. Solid wood. It cost more than $300 when purchased new. Do a google search on shadow box end tables. Pottery Barn Teen has one for WAY too much! You wont find a piece like this in Spokane for this price!

I've never seen a table like this. It's pretty cute. It's ready to be painted up if you'd like it painted. I will do this to your preference.
 Vintage 6 Pane Wood Window. Shabby Chic. Red undertones. Ready to be made into a Chalk Board or you can get it as is and put photos behind the glass. $40