Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bathroom Makeover Wish List

We have our sinks, faucets, the mirror and the paint. Now all we need is the right table or slab of wood that will be our vanity and we're set. Here are a few images that are inspiring me as I get ready for our bathroom remodel. My budget for the project was $100 and I've successfully stayed on budget. Whoop Whoop. I can't wait to reveal the final pictures!
 Bathroom Makeover Wishlist:
Wishlist #1: Rustic dark wood floors with a painted pattern like this.
It will be sealed of course. Yes, you can do wood floors in your bathroom. Check out the new 2011 HGTV Dream Home Master Bathroom. They did hardwood floors in the master bathroom - amazing!
I have no idea of where this image came from. Does anyone recognize it? Id love to give them props but I've had it saved in a desktop folder for ages. 
Here's the image of the 2011 HGTV Dream Home too. How cool are those floors!

 Wishlist Item #2: A big chunky mirror to go over our double sinks.
I may end up using the mirror I scored on craigslist for $30 that I spray painted.
This images is via from their Dream House

Wishlist Item #3: A yellow vanity with warm gray walls.

What's not to love about this room? Photo via Three Men and a Lady ( I'm going with this color theme. Its been a favorite of mine for about 3 years and it's still going strong out there. I'm going to paint my vanity yellow like this and the walls will be grey. My shower curtain is currently the colors of that DIY painting she did.I think these colors would look AMAZING with those wood floors too.

Wishlist Item #4: Gooseneck Barn Lighting (2 of them).
Image via
Love the red gooseneck barn lights. What a great makeover.
I just bought the Foto Ikea pendant to go over our kitchen sink. Maybe I could jerry rig something from the wall kit to the pendant that goes over the cord to make it into a gooseneck? For only $19.99 it may be my best choice. I'll be scoring antique shops for an original in the mean time.
Image via

Wishlist Item #5: Rustic wood pallet wood framed mirror.
If I'm not feeling the spray painted mirror for the bathroom, then I'm for sure feeling this mirror.
Image courtesy of a House Crashing project over at 
I have a few wall length mirrors that were on the walls in our home when we bought it that I want to re-purpose. I just don't want my bathroom to feel like a forest. With wood counter tops, a wood floor and a wood framed mirror it could go that way so I know I have choose wisely. One can drool though...How cool is that IKEA light there!

Wishlist item #6: Recycled wood counter top. Large driftwood piece or reclaimed barn wood counter to be exact.
Image via House Beautiful
Or heres a picture of a bathroom vanity made from an old table....
Image via
If I went this route then I would paint the legs yellow like the dresser above that I mentioned and find fabric to coordinate that would hide the plumbing. Of course I'd love to find a table like this with the drawers or maybe have Dan make something like that, but I do have a time line for the project and I want need it to be free. Psst....Notice the painted hardwood floors in the picture?

Give me one month and this project will be done. I'm just waiting for the right table to pop on craigslist for FREE! Yes, free! Since I have been looking forever for barn wood in this size or a piece of drift wood this size (yeah right) and have had no luck, I'm going with an old table top. I may even use half the table - keep the legs on it and just put a cool piece of fabric under the counter to hide the plumbing and my storage bins. In the mean time a buddy of ours has offered us an 8 ft long butcher block counter and since I'm thinking of going this route, I was wondering how butcher block would look if I beat it up a bunch and sanded the edges to smooth rounded edge. 

What do you think? Could I pull off a counter like this with a butcher block piece?

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