Friday, May 13, 2011

Entry Wall Transformation: Picture Gallery

Our entry wall was basically empty. We had a closet that held all our shoes and coats. The door was always shut because it was an ugly site inside. You know how closets can get, when there is a door to hide everything right!? The wall to the left of the front door only had one picture on it. I'm not a fan of a ton of things on the wall but I love family photos and personalized art by my daughter on the wall. I decided to spray paint a bunch of mismatched frames I had and get going on my Gallery wall. While I was at it I also made over our mini entry closet. It's now a mini mudroom that you can see here.

I love to come in the front door and see this wall now. I hope you like it too. Maybe it will inspire you to pull out all your mismatched frames and recycle them up a bit. Eventually Id love to frame a little world map about 4x7 size and put pins on the places Dan and I have traveled to in a shadow box frame. I want this wall to be really personalized and I hope it will inspire our family to love each other more every time we see it!


 The frame with the polka dot paper (wrapping paper from Target) is from my Recycled Love Letters store. It's a dry erase board. Peyton has proudly left her mark on it. I've already swapped out the background too.

How it All Happened....

 I had a bunch of old frames. I love chunky frames with dimension. I bought a can of Dover White gloss spray paint from Walmart for just under $5. It took one whole can of paint for all these frames. Not bad. The only frame I didnt spray was this next one...
 I loved the front, but I LOVED the back even more...and Ive had a few photo strips I've been wanting to put up. Somehow my mind came up with this idea. I'm sure its been done before but I've never seen it yet. I was pretty proud of this idea!
 This little mirror was purchased at a thrift store for around .25 cents! Its just adorable. Our thrift store does 75% off days. Check to see if your local thrift store does. If you're in Spokane, I'm referring to Christian Thrift Stores off Maple St

 This frame had a horrible piece of art in it. I always thought Id just bust out the picture and use the frame. Better yet though... CHALK BOARD PAINT! I'm a bit obsessed with it.
 This was the first coat - I actually painted a coat of plain black paint I had left over from my stair rails I had to paint up last summer. Its much cheaper than chalk paint so why waist the first coat on chalk paint if you have left over black or any dark paint would do.After it was nearly dry I painted 1 heavy coat of chalk board paint. All the frames were painted the same color. 

I hope this project inspires you. Thanks for reading!

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