Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Little Boys Room: Evan's Nursery

My sons nursery was a pretty big project. What better gift to give him, but his own cozy and comfy nursery, besides the gift of life itself right! This room took lots of nesting skills. Let me tell ya. I did a bit of research on what I wanted for the accent wall before just throwing up some tape and paint. I went back and forth with so many ideas. Some may call that crazy, but with my love for decor it was pure heaven! Here is the final result. Evan has been in his own room now for about 4 months and now that he is crawling at 7 months old, he aims for his room to play! I love that!
Before - Cramped Guest Room

Baby Evan's Nursery

Colorful squares, blue black out curtains, silver window hardware, a comfy spot to sit and nurse, and a DIY dresser...oh and space ships...What more could a cute little boy want? We love it in here and hang out in here as a family because right now its the only room on our upper level with carpet. What do you think about Evans little place to chill and rest? We're hoping he loves it 5 years from now just as much as we do!

The Room Breakdown....
The curtains were purchased from Ikea (2 panels for $20).
The crib is from Walmart but they no longer sell it.
Bedding is from Target. It was a clearance set for $28
The rug was from Lowes $30ish
The mini table and chairs are from Ikea. $7 table, $9 chairs
Dresser is a DIY project (paid $10 for the dresser on craigslist)
Rocking chair recliner was from Furniture Row Outlet $200 clearance find
Ceiling Clouds light is from Ikea $19
Curtain hardware Walmart $12 each
Side table by dresser is a garage sale find. It was wood - I painted it and the knobs as well. $3
Amish Star on wall above crib is from Ebay $29
Artwork above dresser is from BabiesRUs $6 each clearance 3 years ago.

The first thing you do when you're painting squares or stripes, is measure your wall. For squares, fist decided what size you think would roughly look good. If you're thinking of 12 inch squares devide 12 by the total # of inches for the height of the wall and that will tell you how many squares you can do. This wall is 8 feet high, so thats 96 inches. 96 divided by 12 would be 8 squares. But...then you have to configure in the width of your tape right! YES! So if you're using 2 inch tape, like we did in this room, then each square is actually only 10 inches wide. We decided that 10 inches was way too little. After much thought we went with an odd number and honestly I dont even remember what the size was. We just eye balled it haha! I believe they were 15 inches plus the 2 inch tape on each side, making for 19 inches all together. 
So.... The tape is put up with 2 people. You will want help on this project. While you roll out your tape, use a level to make sure it goes up on the wall straight. Start with your vertical lines first and just hang small  pieces up first at the top of where the vertical lines will start. Stand back and eye ball it and see if it  looks even. If its even then you just pull one long piece of tape down, keeping it level. Repeat this process for teh horizontal stripes. 

To be sure that your paint doesnt seep through use a credit card to make sure you've secured your tape good to the wall by rubbing it along the edge of the tape. Also - I hate blue painters tape and I swear by plain ol good masking tape. I havent tried the green tape yet.
Paint right away and just paint all your colors in each space as you want. Do your 2nd coat quickly, within an hour and after the 2nd coat if it all looks good peel away the tape immediately, while the paint is wet. Its easier this way because then the paint doesnt have time to dry to the tape and possibly peel away with the tape when you pull it off. 
Stand back and admire your hard work. This took Dan and I about 4 hours total.

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