Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Toys Just Shouldn't Be Put Away

 The blocks on the skateboard, but the lighthouse on the fireplace hearth....That's just how we role!


My hubby and I are giggling over the title to the post. I told Dan that I was getting ready to blog a bit and asked him if he thought it was crazy that I LOVE decorating in bits and pieces with a few of Evan and Peyton's colorful toys. Thank God his answer was NO. He loves seeing Evans colorful blocks on our hearth..... stacked in a pyramid on Peyton's mini skateboard - like a colorful work of art. It brings us so much joy to be in a home where there are pops of color here and there and little pieces of our kiddos lingering, even after the house has been picked up and the kids are put to bed for the night. I'll be talking to the hubs on our couch and peek over his shoulder at something that catches my eye. He glances at what I see - It's a wooden Melissa and Doug Giraffe all twisted into a crazy position, sitting atop the dining a work of art. Here are a few pictures of toys that we purposefully leave out because they add a little personality to our house, and frankly because I think it brings out the best kid in us every time we walk into our house and see these things. I have to admit that I (and I think all parents are guilty of this) love to buy toys for Peyton and Evan that I will LOVE looking at just as much as they'll love playing with them.

Dang! How'd this happen? I haven't introduced my kiddos yet. I just realized that I cant post about their toys before I post a picture of them. These pictures were taken a couple days after we brought Evan home from the hospital - back in September 2010. Isn't Peyton a good big sister, and the dogs, Kiyah (Boxer) and Aussie (Weimaraner), are pretty good at looking out for Evan too. Oh and of course, can't forget, my hubs - Dan is AWESOME!

OK, that was fun. I love those guys! Now, back to decorating with my kiddos toys....Here's a pic of a couple things that never get put in the toy box. Too colorful for one, but also - these toys are used ALL the time.

 Peyton now stacks the blocks when shes done playing for me. My little artsy fartsy way of stacking them on the skateboard has become one of her fun nightly to-dos before she goes to bed.
 See it hiding? Up there on the pictures I just added to our open shelving in the kitchen....

 It's spring so why not put a flower windmill up to look at while you cook? I don't actually know what those things are called but that sounds good for now. Peyton was playing with it while we baked cookies tonight!

 The end table even has some whimsy fun. Evan loves this hour glass filled with beads. (Yes, that's a baby gate on my couch...I'm heading to bed, but first I have to put baby gates on our couch because if I don't, the darn (but cute) dogs will get up there and sleep, then get hair everywhere ugh)....

Cheerios, Life Chex and Crayons....This has been the best option for us in the Adams house. If Peyton wants to color (which is like every hour it seems - literally) then we just get the canister down for her and away she goes. When she's not coloring they add some awesome color to the kitchen. Especially needed when boring, non-colorful cereal is in the canisters near by, of course!

 The many views of Mrs. Giraffe....She sometimes drinks water by the grass drying rack.
 Sometimes she nibbles on the grass drying rack or walks on the grass even and...
 Sometimes she rests her head on the grass because Peyton says "She has a long neck and she's tired"....
AND..sometimes she checks to make sure all Peyton's color crayons are chilling out right where they're suppose to be. We've had this toy (made by Melissa & Doug) for about 3 years now so we decided to give it a gender and name :).

And now....MY favorite toy of all! Right smack dab in front of you when you enter the house, sitting on top of the entry table and right next to my laptop....

 Yes, that's a bag of popcorn behind my ottoman. HAHAHA! I couldn't find it anywhere tonight - it dropped and somehow I didn't know it. Weird right...Good thing I took this picture to help me find my popcorn!

If you don't have a 3-D pin art toy yet go out and get yourself one. Even if you don't have kids. Trust me, no matter what your age you really can't go wrong. It a new piece of art everyday. 

Thanks for joining me in this blogging adventure! Do you have a few items around the house that others might put away when they clean up, but that you dig right back out because it just brings that much joy to your life when you see it!?

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