Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Making Poppies with my girl

Today I decided I wanted fresh flowers in the vase on the dining table. We've all had the cold - you know the one that lingers around forever! Thankfully it has only lingered for a week, but anyways fresh flowers always make me feel better. I dont even think its the fresh flowers - its the color and idea that its getting close to spring. So I go to the grocery store, expecting to spend like $5 on tulips, and I see that tulips are $8 for 6. Crazy!! There was no way that I was spending that kind of cash on flowers, especially not when I could get something cool on like an old chair on craigslist and fix it up - and have it FOREVER. So....back to why I'm blogging - I got me some stuff to make paper poppies. Remember - the ones you probably made in kindergarten or with your Mom or Grandma? Well I made some with my sweet sweet daughter Peyton today. Just wanted to share them with you. Maybe you're wanting a splash of color on your table or maybe someone you know could use a bocquet of flowers from you - that will last forever? I'm going to take a bunch of these to my girlfriend on Saturday. Can't wait to share my new craft.

There you have it - Flowers on the table for free! I had the gift wrap tissue already and the pipe cleaners. I used white pipe cleaners (24 inches long) and cut squares to the size of 6x6 inches then put about 6 sheets together. Fold them up like an accordion and wrap the pipe cleaner around the paper in the middle....then just pull each piece upwards until you have the shape of your flower. You can use all sorts of colors. Fun project for kiddos too.

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