Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fairwell Kiyah & Aussie

This is a sad blog post for me. It's two fold...I'm happy to have healthy happy kiddos that arent struggling with allergies in their own home anymore, but sad to be a dog free home now. My husband hasn't had to use his inhalor for a week now so that's a praise, but he is also tearing up with me in the tiny moments we have alone and really miss the dogs. Here are a few pictures of our adorable, precious dogs. We had these babies for 7 years. They will be missed. I will say - having a home with no dogs has its perks indeed, but I don't even want to discuss that right now...this blog is dedicated to two cool dogs that will be forever missed. Kiyah and Aussie - We Love You! - Dan, Heather, Peyton and Evan

Snuggle buddies. They only had one dog bed and had been together since 8 weeks old. Just like sisters!
Our daughter Peyton shared some great memories with them. Such a sweet moment.
I had lots of little moments with them as well. Here's a picture of Kiyah and I when she was about 3 y.o.
Australia, or better known as Aussie
Both dogs have moved on to new homes. They will be missed but the right decision was made and I just wanted to give them a special little space in blog land...

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