Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Stripe or Not to Stripe?

I love Washington. It was such an amazing day. We spent almost all day outside, so when I came inside and saw my newly made over mudroom closet I was SO happy to have a place to sit down and take my shoes off. YEAH! My daughter loves to just sit on the bench and cuddle her baby doll. I feel most proud about the project when I see her all cozy on that bench.

So today I have a favor to ask of you....
Our hallway is feeling a little plain to me today. I just asked the hubs what he thought about painting stripes down it. Big horizontal stripes. Like 14 inch stripes, so really there would only be like 4 stripes. I'd paint them in my favorite white that I've used on our cabinets, chairs and one of the fireplaces - Lotus Flower. He said "Go for it babe, you know what looks good. I cant picture it in my head".... I love this man, but I need some input on this one. Do you think it would make the hallway look too theme parkish? Is that even a word? I'm not going for a fun house here....just something to modernize the space. I took down all the picture frames but I won't hurry the process. I'll wait for some feedback so please, let me know what you think. Thanks!
Here's our hallway now
 I want to paint all the doors white and spray all the hardware on the doors dark brown or black. At the end of the hall we have yet another storage closet. There are 3, yes 3, closets in this hallway. We painted one up and use it as a pantry, the other is a broom closet and the one at the end of the hall holds our all the extras... extra diapers, t.p., towels, and the tools I use ALL the time. Oh and now Peyton asks to "play" with "her" screwdriver in the closet haha! So I was thinking that the closet and drawers would be painted mostly white but I'd tape off a tree or something so that the wood grain still popped through. Then it might be too busy with stripes for sure...  Hmmmm....
Maybe I'll add some stripes like I did in my downstairs bathroom?
What do you think? To stripe or not to stripe? That is the question....

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love the idea of the tree for the wood grain to pop through OR doing stripes. Maybe a fat strip with a super skinny strip under and a medium stripe under that...that ways it's modern without feeling like you're getting dizzy looking down the end of the hallway :) I love everything you do with your house, so it'll look great no matter what!


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