Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chalk Board Wall Art

The chalk board above my mantel has been updated and I'm really loving this drawing. I change it up a lot and most of the time it's a compilation of Peyton's drawings and mine. This time she said "Mommy, will you draw me a picture?" Aww isn't that just the sweetest thing ever? So I asked her, "What do you want me to draw you honey?" I already knew what she would say because it's her favorite thing to draw right now. She replied "A flower!"
So here it is. If you have an old piece of plywood or particle board laying around, this project is SO easy. We just primed the edges and one side of a 4x2 piece of particle board. You can purchase these pre-cut pieces from any hardware store. In this case, we bought ours from Lowes for a whole whopping $3.50. Once the piece is primed, you can paint it with whatever color chalk board paint you like.

Here's the lowdown...
Particle Board - $3.50
Primer - I already had, but you'll need less than a quart. 1 gallon of contractors primer =$8 at Lowes
Chalk Board Paint -  $8 - $14 for a quart. Walmart and Ace are generally cheaper.

 The primed edges are white - I've also framed them on the wall before - just make sure that the molding you choose to frame it with is as deep as the piece of wood - not hard to do when the plywood is only 1/4". You can make it so that the chalk board fits right into your frame on the wall so that you can still take your art off an on as you please. The options are endless.

This piece 4'x2' fits perfectly on our coffee table.
  I didn't plan it to fit like this - that was just one of those treasured moments that life sometimes brings my way. A moment where I went - I wonder if....and BAM it works! I've dubbed those moments as "Whoop Whoop" chapters in life. (Thanks to my friend Mel for the "title")

 Like the peak-a-boo of my gallery wall and mini mudroom makeover in this picture?
I just can't resist. It makes me smile.

These pictures were taken with my I-phone. You can just barely see the flower in this picture but I like how the gray chalk paint looks on the black board against my painted white brick fireplace and spray painted screen. Notice the new work bench by the fireplace? That was our $12 craigslist score for the kids. It's Peyton's little DIY table :). Gotta love the mismatched sofas too right!? One day they will match and magically turn into a brown leather sofa with chaise. In the mean time, I'm grateful for what we have...
I hope this little chalk board inspires you to get creative! What do you think?

P.S.  I've decided to paint this dalia flower image onto a canvas for Peyton's room. I'm going to go with a pinkish orange flower on a robin egg blue colored canvas...

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