Saturday, June 11, 2011

Giving an Old Dresser a New Image

Maybe you have an old dresser, or new dresser for the matter, that needs something? Sometimes all it takes are some new drawer pulls or hardware. Or maybe you just need to paint it? I had a vision for this craigslist dresser I found. It cost $20 and I had been looking for quite sometime for this piece. I wanted the top to work for a changing table, but I didnt want a huge dresser. I actually have another dresser I could have re purposed, but I wanted a smaller dresser for my son Evan's nursery. The concept I was going for was modern, eclectic and fun! I envisioned a tree and so it began....

 Lightly sand the dresser or item. Then tape your image on it. I like plan-o masking tape more than painters tape.I masked off where I wanted the wood grain to pop through and then taped up my tree. I didnt draw the tree on first or anything, I just eye balled it and if you don't like you just peel it off and start over. It's that easy!
 Always PRIME! Prime one coat. 0 VOC primer from Lowes is great. It dries very quick.
 You can sort of see the tape hiding under the paint on this drawer. Add your paint color now. Its best to set aside about 2 hours to do this project at once. The longer the tape sits on there under all this tape, the more likely your tape edge will get funky. You don't want to peel the paint off with the tape. Just peel the tape off as soon as you finish painting your last coat. Peel very slowly and have a knife on hand so that you can tap the paint on if its starts to peel. You will seal the dresser with a varathane when your done. You can buy a spray varathane or you can brush it on too. We bought the spray on kind and my hubby sprayed away. He said it went on very easy (I was pregnant with Evan so I couldn't spray paint). He applied 3 coats to protect my project. Thanks Hubby!

This dresser is in Evan's room and I've been using it in there for about 9 months now. It's holding up great! 

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