Saturday, June 11, 2011

Turn a Hall Closet Into a Pantry

In our house we have 3 storage closets in our hallway. It makes sense to have one closet to keep your vacuum and broom in, but 3 closets is a lot of storage. If I have that much storage space, then I'll use it. The problem I have with that is that I don't like clutter. I don't want to hoard things away. Anyways, I decided that I'd much rather use one of the closets in our hallway as a pantry. I have no idea where I came up with this idea, but I love it!
 Before the closet was just your basic 1950's wood panel door. Nothing special about it. I painted it in Valspar's Lotus Flower - always using 0 VOC Latex paint. I then used a straight edge to mark my border for where I wanted my chalk board paint to go. I decided on a white border that would end just on the outside of where the door handle was, so that I didn't have to try to work around the handle with my chalk board paint.

You can see what the door looked like before from the glimpse of our other closet in this photo. That's our broom closet. The pantry closet used to look like that.

Use a satin paint so you can wipe it down. Valspar makes a chalk board paint that retails for about $14. Walmart also carries a chalk paint. This project takes 2-3 coats or little over 1/8th gallon.

The inside glance...
 What would we do without this pantry closet? Seriously - it's a bit of a hot mess right now. We've been organizing our kitchen cabinets so the pantry is currently the catch all. Here it is at it's fullest. The shelves inside are from Ikea. They cost something like $19.00 each. Well worth it. We already had these shelves - they were used in our last house for storage above our kitchen cabinets. I was happy to use them again!
There you go....Maybe you have a closet that you can turn into extra storage space for all your kitchen goodies?

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