Saturday, June 11, 2011

Paint Your Old Worn Out Deck!

This is another old project, but one worthy of a blog. Casa de Adams is in full gear, moving things around on our back deck. We will have to do some touch up painting on the deck so more pictures are to come in this post. If you have a deck that needs some TLC here's a quick and easy fix for you!


Ok, so if you have an old worn out deck like we did, just paint it. This project cost us about $60. We cleaned the whole deck with specific deck cleaner that you attach to your garden hose. After it dried we swept really well again and then hammered in all lose nails. I painted all the black vertical bars first. I just used a flat black exterior paint (You can find premixed black in the spray paint aisle at your hardware store usually). Use a normal roller brush, just as you would like you're painting a wall. Start at the outside, away from where you'll need to exit. Then work your way in, cutting and filling in cracks while you go. We did 2 coats. This paint lasts for 30 years... or at least that's what the can says ;).
This summer we need to take a brush and paint inside the cracks. We didn't quite get to that last summer when this project initially started. If you like this color email me and I'll dig around for the details on it.


  1. What color is this?? love it!

  2. It's Olympic Exterior Stains (a tinted stain) and the color is "taupe". Thanks for reading my blog!


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