Saturday, June 11, 2011

Treasure Hunting: Garage Sales Galore!

Here are a few of my finds from our garage sale adventures today. I went looking for nothing, and left with some great treasures. I am so excited. Here's what we got for a whole $6.00.
Huge 3 foot tall Urn- $1
6 Cd's - We rocked out all the way home -$1 for all!
7 outfits for Evan. 7 shirts and 7 pairs of jeans. All these for $1!! 
1 Brand new outdoor porch light with motion sensor. Black and Contemporary. $2
1 big chunky picture frame - $1

Can you believe it? $1 for 7 outfits. It was starting to rain and I had been chatting with the gal for a little bit already. She said she would make me a great deal - she just wanted to get rid of stuff. Originally she wanted .50 cents for each item, but then as I was grabbing things she kept saying "Oh, you can just have that"...haha - gotta love garage sales. When it came down to it I ended up with 7 pairs of jeans - all name brands like Green Dog (Macys) and Gap. To top it off I also got 7 shirts - also name brands, like the Childrens Place and Gap. They're in almost new condition too.
I also got a really neato Urn or vase. You'll see in the picture - it's big. I plan to put it out in my gazebo/dining area on the back porch with twigs in it for now and then down stairs in front of my white brick fireplace during the winter. I'm debating on a color for it - or maybe I should leave it as is?
My favorite find though - goes to the new motion sensor front porch light. I can't wait to get it up. He practically gave this to me. People do crazy things when it starts to rain. Ha!

Here's the picture you've been waiting for...

Woo Hoo!
Have you found any treasures lately?

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