Saturday, June 11, 2011

Giving an Old Window New Flair.


There are so many options for re purposing old wood windows. Here is one project that you can tackle with a wood window. My friend Sara over at made over this window. She actually found it painted this lime green color. How amazing is that color?!

First she bought the window of course. You can find these windows all over Craigslist, and often you'll get them in the FREE section. Two years ago I got 6 wood windows for free and sold all of them but one. What was I thinking? Now I need one back to do this with ha!

#1 Purchase the window and wipe it down with a dry cloth. Use your favorite window clean to get the glass super clean too. 
 #2 Paint the wood with your favorite color and sand down any areas where you want to expose the old wood. In Sara's case, she just left the window as is.

#3 Paint the window with a polyurathane, AKA a clear coat, to protect the color and keep it from flaking. This will also allow you to wipe away any chalk residue that gets on it.

#4 If needed, tape off your edges between the window and the frame and paint away. You'll want 2-3 coats of chalk board paint. A sponge roller will work best for this I think, but really the goal is to get the paint on there so do it however you can. I like to save money so I just use whatever I have and sometimes I only have a paint brush. That will work!

#5 Peel the tape off as soon as you get the last coat on. The sooner you take the tape off, the easier
 #6 Put up your support brackets and get on the gear you need to hang this baby up on the wall. Sara used corner brackets to reinforce the back side of the window. What a great idea!!

#7 Stand back and admire! I'm amazed by Sara's menu here. I'm drooling over the food plan and this window.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am happier every time I look over into my dining area and see it there...motivates me to do more and get that space done! (at least done for now :))


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