Monday, June 13, 2011

Make a Magnetic Note Board Out of a Vintage Cookie Sheet

So a few days ago I stopped in to my favorite Spokane antique shop. The Vintage Rabbit on Monroe street is such an eclectic shop, with so many vendors to choose from who all offer different treasures. I also think they're priced fairly. What I love about this shop is that everything sold has to actually be antique - not just look antique. I guess I think it's cool that an item was actually used 50 years ago or more by someone and has a real story, rather than just painted to look like it was used 50 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I think new things that look old are rad, but I love the story and mystery that comes with a real antique item. So...What did I find??? I found the coolest little vintage cookie sheet and an old letter holder?- not even sure what it is - all for $4! The cookie sheet was $2 and the container was marked down to 50% off so it came to $2 also. I knew what I wanted to do with them as soon as I saw them.
Here are my little treasures....
Vintage Cookie Sheet 10'x14"
And the Letter Holder (already had the holes in it to hang it up)
 Look at the beautiful rust on that letter holder!
So I didn't want to drill holes in the cookie sheet, because down the road I may use it as a tray. I was tempted to put it on my kitchen counter, by my sink, with little herbs planted in clay pots on it. So to attach it to the cabinet I put double sided sticky pads on each of the corners and one in the middle (about 2 inch strips).
I screwed the tray onto the cabinet using 1/2" screws that I had and to make the heads of them blend in more I took a white sharpie and colored the silver heads in and then rubbed off some of the white. It matches beautifully! 
 The vintage magnetic cookie sheet and letter tray in their new home...

There are so many options with this project. You can use a cookie sheet to display your kids art work in the play room. This could be your recipe holder. How perfect would this be in an office! You can even write little love notes on the cookie sheet with a white dry erase pen. So many choices.What do you think?
Have you tackled a DIY project like this lately?

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