Thursday, June 30, 2011

One More Recycled Love Letter Chalk Board

I'm a little crazy about chalk boards. Mostly because I love the always changing art that occurs around the house when you have them, and I love to inspire creativity in my daughter! She is always drawing, so I'm always swapping out the frames with new pictures she colored or painted. Chalk boards give her, and us, a chance to showcase her art without the work of changing out a picture in a frame. Now my 9 month old son can also play around with chalk and he loves it! He is getting pretty good at lines. If you need a vertical line drawn - he's your man!
So I've turned my love for chalk boards into a hobby and hopefully a business. If you like what you see here I've put up some similar pieces in my *SHOP* tab. It's just one more DIY project I wanted to share and hopefully inspire you with.
Recycled Love Letters Chalk Board LOW DOWN...
The 2'x3' piece I found at a garage sale for $7.00. There is no signature on the painting, but the lady told me her grandpa had a group of friends that always painted together and when he passed away she inherited the pieces left behind, all 300 of them! This was one of them. I didn't personally have any attachment to the piece because I'm not a dancer, but didn't want to ruin it.

Here's how it all happened...
So I took off the backing and flipped the piece around so the art is now on the back just in case we ever want to flip it again one day. It was great to find out that the painting was actually done on fiberboard rather than canvas. This was going to be an easy DIY project!
 I primed the backside of the fiberboard to prep it for chalk paint. I used what I had - KILZ Latex primer. I rolled it on with a 9" sponge.
 My helper Peyton worked away on her piece of art too.
 Once I had 2 coats of chalk board paint on it was ready to put back in the frame. I like the frame as it was. Usually I paint them too. One day I probably will. I just can't help myself.

 Once it's in the fame I used 3/8th staples with my handy staple gun to keep the art in place.
A few more shots of it in all her glory...

The yellow vintage light above the chalk board and the succulents nestled into that vintage silver plated bowl  were other finds at the garage sale I went to last weekend.  I'll be posting about all those finds next. The Coral Serving tray was a clearance item at Target 2 years ago and the rolling cart was a salvage/painted piece. I just put two IKEA chopping boards on top to give it more useability. The magnetic knife stip is from IKEA too. Espresso machine was a great Craigslist deal. Starbucks barista for $70.
Next up got this little space - I'm going to put some sort of wall pattern back there (on the glossy white wall). I've gone stripe happy around this house so I want to do something different. Any ideas?

What do you think about this project?

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