Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vintage Chrome Dining Table In, Farm Table Out (For Now)

So a few weeks ago we had a garage sale and my mother in law brought over a few of her old dining tables she had in her storage unit. One of the tables was a vintage chrome table from around the 1940's that she used to sit at as a child. She thinks its at least 60 years old. Long story sort of short, my friend Shawnell saw the table and after wiping the drool from her mouth - she convinced me to try it out inside our home before selling it. So...3 weeks later, we finally put it inside and I'm LOVING it. I have our old wood farm table outside under the gazebo, prepared to be in its own special setting with a chandelier hanging above it outside (more pictures of that space to come). It's pretty cool to eat at a table that your family member once sat at over dinner some 50 or 60 years ago! My daughter keeps licking her finger to wipe a small smudge off the table top, but other than that there are really no stains on it. The table is in amazing condition. Peyton just likes to clean the table like I clean her face ha!
8 Plastic caps for the table legs (white color) = $4.00
Table = FREE
Total = $4.00


With the farm table - which is now in our outdoor living space...

Here she all her Chromness...
 And our little cutie, Evan, is the best accessory!
and..yes I know...the chandelier is not centered over the table. I took these pictures with my Iphone - thats how excited I was to get this on the blog - I didnt even center the table under the light - just snapped a photo and put them up for you all to see. No worries - the table is centered now. 


My hubby put new caps on the bottoms, waxed her up and oiled up the rims where the leafs slide in and out on. The easiest part - there were a few little spots on the table top that a soapy clothe didn't wipe up...but guess what! The magic eraser took them right off! Whoop Whoop. It really does look almost brand new.

I never envisioned this piece in the space so I'm glad I took my friends advice. Thanks Shawnell! I'm loving the chrome and the way it pulls the sparkle from my picture frames, chandelier and curtain rod.
What do you think?

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  1. That looks so nice in your dining room! You need to decorate my next house!! ; )


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